Dusted and Frosted window films are part of the large range of 3M Scotchcal™ Films and fall under the class of Self Adhesive Vinyls.

They are the mainstay of films used for privacy, (conference rooms, poor aspects, homes and safety) but more so these days to decorate windows either by printing to the film or cutting the film into patterns or shapes, or a combination of both. Their development by 3M was the answer to the more expensive etched glass approach.

Frosted film has a fine crystalline sparkle to it whereas Dusted is a uniform white translucent film. Frosted films are also available in stock rolls in Gold, Mint, Blue and Rose however if you need a custom colour please contact us.

More cost effective solutions to Dusted or Frosted are 3M’s Haze and Sandblast. Haze has a very similar appearance to Dusted, and Sandblast has less fine crystal sparkle than Frosted. These films are more often used where longer term ownership of the site is a consideration, as well as cost.

The use of Dusted and Frosted films alone or in combination with other film products is but limited to imagination.