In the GuideSign program you will find:

A complete signage system in timeless design, using sturdy materials and with a unique locking system to match many environments.

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Sign System Design

GuideSign is a modular sign system with a comprehensive range of sign sizes and types that are mutually compatible and can be combined in a countless variety of ways. This provides opportunities for uniform and consistent signage of the entire indoor and outdoor environment.

The signs can be supplied with colour accents for colour coding or for indicating different floors, for example. GuideSign is designed in collaboration with Arkitema.

Magnetic Locking System

A simple, hidden spring lock integrated in the sign locks the sign when it is mounted. The sign is released by use of a magnetic key.


The sign series is produced in extruded aluminium with a painted finish that gives a hard and resistant surface.

Mounting of Signs

Mounting is by way of a hidden bracket by custom-made aluminium rivets that mesh with the grooves on the back of the sign.

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