What Fasara™ patterns are available?

  • Combination Patterned Film – Illumina
  • Dot Patterned Film – Aura 9, Luna 6, Luna 9, Luna Cell, Luna Pico, Vista
  • Line Patterned Film – Arpa, Leise, Fine, Shutie
  • Single Patterned Film – Altair, Chamonix, Fine Crystal, Lausanne, Luce, Mat Crystal I, Milano, Opaque White, Oslo, Rikyu, Sagano, San Marino, Vega, Yamato

What does installation involve?

Installation should be carried out by a qualified window film installer to ensure warranties apply.

The main steps are as follows:

  • Customer should provide clear access to work areas
  • Protect floor, carpet, with suitable absorbent material (drop cloth)
  • Turn off heating and cooling for the installation phase
  • Clean and wipe down window frame with damp cloth or sponge
  • If window putty or seal is old and cracked, tape or seal prior to washing glass
  • Clean glass with a blade scraper
  • Thoroughly rinse and squeegee glass from top to bottom
  • Cut film to required size
  • Spray on slip solution
  • Apply film to glass and lightly spray film with slip solution
  • Trim film to size Inspect installation to ensure high quality of the application

What is slip solution?

Slip solution is used to allow the repositioning of window films and is generally made by mixing a capful of Johnson Baby Shampoo to 4 litres of water.

How do I care for Fasara™ window films?

  • Fasara Window Films may be washed with common washing solutions, including amonia-based cleaners, thirty (30) days installation.
  • Abrasive type cleaning agents and brushes, which would scratch the film, must not be used
  • These films may also be cleaned with a mild dishwashing soap, such as Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid and a synthetic sponge, squeegee or soft cloth.