Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Immediately remove any stains on the finish. Use commercially available mild detergent.
  • Avoid using alkaline, strong acidic detergent, or organic solvents such as thinners or strong detergents that are either highly alkaline (pH>11) or acid (pH<3).
  • Orange oil based cleaners and methylated spirits can be used to remove felt marker and pen marks.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge scrubber for cleaning. Never use an abrasive sponge.
  • Wash away all residual detergent with water after cleaning.
  • Rubber erasers are also effective for the NX suede series.

Is Primer Needed?

Generally there is no need to use primer for standard applications. In cases where the surface energy of the substrate is low, or the application is on surfaces with sharp curves then either a solvent or water based primer may be necessary. High surface energy substrates such as metal don’t require priming. Priming is required at any overlap and end / edge of the film, i.e. underneath the butt join. Decorfilms will assess your individual circumstances and advise on the correct surface preparation.

Strips of film 25.4mm x 180mm were applied to various substrates and conditioned at 20oC at 65% relative humidity for 24 hours. Each strip was then removed using a tensile tester, by pulling the file back at 180 degrees at a rate of 300mm/minute.

For Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) click here.


DI-NOC™ products comply with AS/NZS 3837:1998 Class 2

More information is available from Decorfilms on 03 9721-0100 or by contacting 3M directly.

Chemical Resistance

Test: DI-NOC™ applied to an aluminum panel, conditioned for 72 hours and then immersed in the chemical agents listed below, and placed in direct contact with the substances listed below.

Test Result: No effect.

Substances: Heptane – 5 hours, Ethyl alcohol – 5 hours, Water – 7 days, Salt Spray (5%, 43°C) – 7 days

Stain Resistance

Test: DI-NOC™ applied to an aluminum panel and placed in direct contact with the substances listed below.

Test Result: No effect.

Substances: Milk, Coffee, Coca™Cola, Wine, Lemon Juice, Tea, Vinegar, Soybean oil, Salt water (1%), Ammonium water, Soap water (1%) Synthetic detergent, Hydrochloric acid (10%) Sodium hydroxide (10%)

Heat Resistance

Test: DI-NOC™ applied to an aluminum plate and aged for 28 days at 65°C.

Test Result: Minimal change to adhesion and film appearance.

Abrasion Resistance

Test: DI-NOC™ applied to aluminum plate and exposed to 7000 cycles using a Taber Abrader CS-17 with 1 KG load weight.

Test Result: No pattern change.

Product Construction

  • PVC, cadmium free laminate film with an elongation of >100%
  • Film and adhesive thickness of 215 micron – may vary slightly across the range
  • Permanent acrylic adhesive with Comply™ Performance
  • PE coated with Kraft paper liner