Where can I find Material Data Safety Sheets?

Material Data Safety Sheets are available by making a selection below.

  • DI-NOC™ Material (24.5KB)
  • Primer EC 1368NT* (27.6KB)
  • Primer WP 2000# (31.5KB)
  • Primer DP 900N (25.8KB)

* EC 1368NT is a solvent based primer and more commonly used due to the wider range of applicable substrates.
# WP 2000 is a water based primer.

Where can I find Product and Instruction bulletins?

Product and Instruction bulletins are available by making a selection below.

  • Product Bulletin (110KB)
  • Instruction Bulletin (167KB)

Do I need any special application tools?

We strongly suggest the use of 3M accredited applicators to apply the film in order for the final product to look great and to be fully covered by product warranties. Further, a suitable primer is often used to ensure DI-NOC™ is fixed correctly to hard edges and joins.

Is the entire range available?

3M stock a range of 23 common and popular DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes in Australia. The remainder of the range is available from Japan; however additional delivery time and costs may apply.

Can DI-NOC™ be applied over DI-NOC™?

Different DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes have different degrees of surface energy and therefore it is recommended to use a primer. The same applies if you have a reason to patch an area previously applied with DI-NOC™.


DI-NOC™ can be cut in the same way as normal vinyls using an upright plotter, flat bed or knife.

Printing to DI-NOC™?

DI-NOC™ can be either screen or digitally printed to however the results will vary depending upon the colour and texture of the DI-NOC™ design and colour. Therefore it is necessary to trial first.

Cleaning and Maintenance?

  • Immediately remove any stains on the finish. Use commercially available mild detergent.
  • Avoid using alkaline, strong acidic detergent, or organic solvents such as thinners or strong detergents that are either highly alkaline (pH>11) or acid (pH<3).
  • Orange oil based cleaners and methylated spirits can be used to remove felt marker and pen marks.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge scrubber for cleaning. Never use an abrasive sponge.
  • Wash away all residual detergent with water after cleaning.
  • Rubber erasers are also effective for the NX suede series.